Please feel free to drop by for a beer anytime to relax in front of a game on a 80 inch screen, enjoy an authentic Irish Pub atmosphere, and discover the buzzing nightlife in one of the most exciting area of Tokyo. We also regularly organize events on week ends, so keep posted (like us on Facebook to know what’s going on). Our staff is international and English friendy. We can help you and give you advice on what to do in Tokyo and Japan in general, and make your time in this country an unforgettable experience. And for the expats, we serve great fish chips and international foods. Our goal in creating this Pub was to build a friendly and welcoming place, where people could meet and have a nice talk while enjoying good music, great beer and a warm atmosphere. Paddy’s Junction’s owner is originally from Shinjuku, Tokyo, but has also lived in England and Australia, and has traveled all over the world. In mixing the traditional British Pub style with the electric Tokyo culture and a sprinkle of all the other cultures we have had the chance to come across, we wish to create a junction, for all cultures and backgrounds, all ages and interests. Mixing and talking over dinner or lunch, over a cup of coffee or a beer, come to share your experiences and discover other people’s at a crossroad between worlds.